Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Team Hawk

Taka, originally Hebi, is the team Sakuke Uchiha created, with the original goal of helping him locate Itachi, and prevent anyone from interrupting his battle. After betraying Orochimaru , Sasuke traveled to Otogakure various bases to recruit his three teammates, Sugeitsu Hozuki , Karin , Jugo and . After killing Itachi , and learning Konoha's role in the Uchiha Clan Massascre by Madara Uchiha , Sasuke renamed the team "Taka" with the new goal to crush Konoha.

Although their team was originally one of necessity, they came to consider each other teammates and risked their lives to protect each other as time went on. However, as Sasuke became more corrupt and focused in his revenge against Konoha, he abandoned Jūgo and Suigetsu in the Land Of Iron to pursue Danzō, and critically wounded with the intent to kill Karin when she became a burden to him, effectively disbanding Taka.


Sasuke was initially driven by the desire to avenge his clan by killing his brother , and after learning the truth about his brother, avenging it by destroying Konohagakure. Each member indicates having their own motive for joining the team upon its formation:

  • Suigetsu: Take ownership of Kisame's Samehada.
  • Karin: Originally claimed to just be going in the same direction (although it was actually her infatuation with Sasuke), but as she has loyally stayed with the team through everything since her recruitment. It seems that this explanation no longer holds much water, as she has commented that she has given up on Sasuke.
  • Jūgo: Considers Sasuke to be the only successor to Kimimaro, who was the only other person capable of calming his murderous intent.

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